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Who We Are

Our Vision


A community where all members can live and thrive doing what we love, and where we can share our talents and crafts, thereby increasing our community's resilience, sustainability, affordability, diversity, and overall vitality.

Our Mission

To promote our community's vitality by creating cooperative spaces that provide access to locally made food, drinks, arts, crafts, and the spaces we need to live and thrive as artists, makers, and supporters including affordable housing, shared kitchen, and community spaces. 

Building together.

The Clifton Crafthouse Co-op will be a worker, community member, and business-owned taproom featuring food and drinks from small, local businesses with a commitment to local and sustainable sourcing. 

As a cooperative incubated by Co-op Dayton, community members have the chance to be co-owners, building community wealth while participating in a business that’s accountable to the community, and operates for the benefit of the community, not just the bottom line.

By restoring a cornerstone building in our community to a place for neighbors to gather once more, we hope to revitalize our little corner in a way that both honors the history of this building and Village, and addresses a variety of community needs.

Clifton, Ohio.

Situated on the corner of Rt. 343 and Clay Street - across the street from the Clifton Opera House one way, and the Clifton Union School House the other - the Co-op building is accurately described as a cornerstone of our community. Throughout history, it served as a gathering space during its time as a general store, meeting hall, and even a dance hall. The Historic Clifton Mill, nationally renowned for its award-winning Christmas Lights display, and the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve are a short walk away. With the eclectic Village of Yellow Springs just 3 miles down the road, our rural community is diverse, vibrant, and rich with local businesses, artists, and attractions.

Sustainable Leadership.png

Sustainable Leadership.

We want to model best practices for environmental sustainability amidst our climate crisis through design choices like forgoing natural gas, utilization of passive house design principles, even maintaining our chimneys as an important habitat for endangered chimney swifts. 

We plan to implement best practices for sustainability specific to our industry like minimizing beverage waste by investing in equipment that limits foam, and for our rural community by showcasing specific solutions like a pellet stove utilizing local agricultural byproducts as a lower-carbon alternative to wood stoves.

With a commitment to local sourcing, we hope to increase our community’s resiliency by bolstering our local foodshed and keeping more money in our community. Through partnerships with Agraria and Tecumseh Land Trust, we hope to connect our members and vendors to local farmers, and foster connections for a circular economy, like when we connected a local brewery with one of our artisans to collaborate on making spent grain soaps.


Let's grow together.

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