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Crafting community with neighbors: Thank you, Yellow Springs.

Yellow Springs Community Launch Event

As a part of the #helpusgrow campaign, the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op featured a Community Launch Event in Yellow Springs, Ohio - with host Bob Partida - at the Yellow Springs Community Center. This event was to introduce the project, its benefits, and plans to the community, and provide an opportunity for questions and answers.

Community members, supporters, and board members gathered at the Yellow Springs Senior Center to discuss the affordable housing option, the upcoming taproom, the sharing of community space, and the impact that this project will have on the surrounding community.

With Yellow Springs being such a close neighbor, and a community filled with diverse interests, talents and culture, the opportunity to connect is clear. The Clifton Crafthouse Co-op, by design, is an extension of each surrounding community, and a centralized location to provide even more resources, and amenities to those within each neighborhood, as well as visitors. With the thriving artist and entrepreneur ideals found within Yellow Springs, Clifton Crafthouse Co-op provides a unique option for participation, collaboration, and growth.

The Co-op thanks the Yellow Springs community members who signed up for Community & Business Memberships, and appreciates the connection made with new donors, and those offering resources, support, and assistance as the project continues to grow.

Thank you to our community event sponsors:


 Do you know people who would like to hear more about the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op? • Would you like to personally host a reception, event, or social campaign and have our team provide a presentation to your inner circle? • Could you benefit from receiving extra (limited-time) membership rewards for hosting?

If you answered YES! to any of the above, partner with us in our #helpusgrow campaign!

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